Diesel vehicles will be removed from Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens by 2025

At the C40 meeting in Mexico City Mayors of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens join forces and ban diesel by 2025.

As Diesel, Gasoline and Gas nowadays are meeting the same emission legislation in leading cities around the world one may argue that banning diesel leads to sub optimization. That may increase the number of gasoline and gas vehicles that cause equal amounts of air quality pollution and this to a cost of higher energy use and less reliable operation. However, that argument misses the point. Banning diesel is communicated as the first step in a larger plan.

As Miguel Ángel Mancera Mayor of Mexico City says: “By expanding alternative transportation options like our Bus Rapid Transport and subway systems, while also investing in cycling infrastructure, we are working to ease congestion in our roadways and our lungs”.

The idea is: “Keep it simple.”

Paris has become famous in Europe for the smog peaks that in turn have led to a ban on using private cars the days when the air quality index peaks at hazardous levels. Anne Hidalgo is determined to do something about it. And, now announced the plan to ban diesel completely by 2025.

Volvo is very proud to be the only solution provider that can meet the requirement of providing hybrid as well as electric buses. In fact we have foreseen exactly this development and can now offer the complete product line of: 7900 Hybrid; 7900 Electric Hybrid and 7900 Electric buses


Mayors ride Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid bus at C40: Håkan Agnevall (Volvo Bus), Eduardo Paes (Rio de Janeiro), Anne Hidalgo (Paris), Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles), Miguel Ángel Mancera (Mexico City), Honorable Wong (Hong Kong).


Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid bus is for cities what the Swiss Army Knife is for hikers, the tool you can’t live without. It charges electricity rapidly from the grid at the terminals. It runs electrically when you want it to (without action by the driver, by Volvo proprietary Zone Management system) and you can use it in hybrid mode in rush hours or at any route without electric infrastructure when that is needed. It’s a reliable workhorse that operates 24/7.


Mayors use public transports in general and electric Volvo buses in particular in Mexico City.

By being a complete system provider (of any bus but low floor diesel and gas buses) Volvo Bus don’t have to push cities and operators to specific solutions that hazard the operation. Use the hybrid where electric infrastructure is not preferred, the electric hybrid where electrification is needed and versatility is a prerequisite and the electric bus simply when this is preferred. We can offer all or any and they are compatible in workshops, operation and infrastructure.



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Adjunct Professor of Catalysis at Chalmers University of Technology. Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, with my wife and three daughters born in 1991, 1994 and 1997. Is a passionate runner.
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